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  • Closet Dilemma: What to wear for your workout

    Posted on by Maryke Dickinson

    Closet Dilemma: What to wear for your workout

    There is nothing worse than looking in your closet in a rush and looking for something to wear and that thought hits you…. What am I going to wear? You are probably nodding your head at the thought that this has happened to you on more than one occasion and its possibly not going to be the last time. 

    So we now have our little dilemma…for each dilemma there has to be a solution and what better solution then this, key pieces of clothing that allow you to have that grab and go moment that totally cuts out that horrible “ What am I going to wear?” moment.

    Here are are 6 key pieces that will make that “ahhh “ moment kick in for that next rushed moment through the closet:

    Having a great pair of long leggings such as Beckons Love Bootcut Leggings gives you that piece of mind that you have that full leg coverage with that perfect fold over back to cover the back and the softness and comfort of that natural material to get you through that workout.

    Your second option should definitely be a form fitting High Waisted Capri for those days that you feel the need to give your tummy that perfect cover up and still look fabulous showing off those curves.

    We definitely cannot forget a form fitting top to finish the look of the outfit adding a flattering Wisdom Sleeveless Top that accentuates the waist and flares beautifully to cover up those needed spots when you are in that pose.

    Not feeling that Sleeveless Yoga Top today, a soft combination of a Strength Bamboo T-Shirt  to cover your shoulders will do the trick.

    Feeling that breeze, a Strength Bamboo Long Sleeve T-shirt will be perfect to give you that form hugging and comfort knowing that you will still be able to be covered from the breeze and complete that much needed workout without fussing over a cami or a cardigan getting in the way.

    So you have chosen the Wisdom Sleeveless for the day but need that cover up for the march between the car or to cover up for that coffee date after your relaxing session? 

    Why not have a Love Cropped Hoodie or Men's Integrity Meditation Hoodie to give you that warmth, comfort and still stylish look that will have people amazed at how good you look after a workout.

    These 6 key pieces are just what you need to give you that control, confidence, comfort and happiness that you need to get up and get dressed for that perfect workout and still look like a million dollars without the fuss and fancy of having to dig up your closet and still not know what to wear. 

    Having these 6 key pieces will have you out the door in no time and ready to go.

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