Strength Reversible Sports Bra sugar and sugar

Not everyone needs a super supportive sports bra when working out. Our Strength Reversible Sports Bra is perfect for the gentle workout of yoga, as a sleeping bra, a teen’s first bra, and a recovery tool following surgery. This bra features:

  • adjustable straps
  • a wide elastic bottom band
  • two layers of organic cotton for comfortable support

Wearing white (crown) - Faith, truth, and peace. Enhances higher consciousness, inspiration, courage, spirituality, wisdom, radiance, expansion, purity, and creativity. Represents humility, innocence, enlightenment, goodness and trustworthiness. 

Pictured with: Love Yoga Short

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Made in Colorado, USA
92% organic cotton / 2% spandex
style #T0100000
price: $36

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