Red Coral Malas 108 bead malas

108 red coral mala, charged with the Om Shri mantra. These beautiful meditation beads are made into a prayer mala by Sarita, a Nepalese craftswoman living in Colorado. She lovingly ties each knot between the beads while repeating an intentional mantra. Every step of her creative process has a specific meaning.

The red coral opens and activates the first and second chakras—base, root, speen, sacral, navel, organ chakras. It brings balance and fire and water energy to the body.

The red color is the color of manifestation and good luck. It is strength giving and grounding, creating a strong foundation in the wearer. It enhances creativity and motivation. To read more about the meaning of red, click here.

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Made in Colorado, USA
red coral
style #A1001150
price: $62