Amethyst Malas 108 bead malas

This deep purple, 108 bead, amethyst mala, is charged with the Om Shri mantra and is used to support the third eye chakra. Sarita, a Nepalese craftswoman living in Colorado, makes these beautiful meditation beads into a mala. She loveingly ties each knot between the beads while repeating an intentional mantra. Every step of her creative process has a specific meaning.

Amethyst is known for its healing powers. It has the ability to attract spiritual energies and to calm restless thoughs. Amethyst provides peace of mind. It is a good stone for meditation and to attract serene dreams.

Wearing shades of violet (crown) - Spirituality and awareness. Enhances focus, intuition, imagination, passion, and determination. Represents royalty, dignity, strength, beauty, harmony, wealth, and opportunity. To read more about the color purple, click here.

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Made in Colorado, USA
amethyst beads
style #A1006790
price: $62