Speak Your Truth Writing Journal

The Speak Your Truth Writing Journal is the perfect tool to begin to first, identify what your truth is and then, move toward living it. For the first several years of our lives we are sponges for information. We receive input from teachers, parents, friends, the press and politicians. At some point in our lives we need to decide what of that learning actually matches our true beliefs. This is about finding your authentic self.

This 8.5" by 11" journal is hand-made from the original Beckons tradeshow booth backdrop and has been hand-flocked with the words "speak your truth." The cover is made from heavy duty recycled plastic. The paper inside is unlined and super high quality. Each book comes with an elastic strap to hold your treasures secure or mark your page.

To begin, use this writing activity:

1. My parents taught me these lessons . . .
2. Of those, this is what I truly believe . . .
3. These are my unique ideas . . .

Be proud of who you are and establish your truth which is uniquely yours.

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Made in Colorado, USA
style #J008
price: $22