Opalite Malas, 108 bead malas

This gorgeous,108 bead opalite mala, is charged with the Om Shri mantra and supports the crown chakra.  Sarita, a Nepalese craftswoman living in Colorado, makes these beautiful meditation beads into a mala. She loveingly ties each knot between the beads while repeating an intentional mantra. Every step of her creative process has a specific meaning.

The opal is a delcate stone with a fine vibration. It enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions. This stone stimulates dynamic creativity, it aids in accessing and expressing one's true self. It enhances self worth.

Wearing white (crown) - Faith, truth, and peace. Enhances higher consciousness, inspiration, courage, spirituality, wisdom, radiance, expansion, purity, and creativity. Represents humility, innocence, enlightenment, goodness and trustworthiness. To read more about the color white, click here.

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Made in Colorado, USA
Opalite beads
style #A1007000
price: $62