Lapis Lazuli Malas 108 bead malas

This 108 bead lapis lazuli mala, is charged with the Om Shri mantra.  Sarita, a Nepalese craftswoman living in Colorado, makes these beautiful meditation beads into a mala. She loveingly ties each knot between the beads while repeating an intentional mantra. Every step of her creative process has a specific meaning.

Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra. It stimulates enlightenment and psychic abilities. It helps release stress, bringing deep peace. Lapis possesses enourmous serenity and is key to spiritual attainment. It is a protective stone. It helps reveal inner truth and encourages self-awareness. It supports higher faculties of the mind, bringing objectivity and clarity.

Wearing shades of blue (throat and lung) - Self-expression, peace and trust. Encourages truth, creativity, clarity of mind, kindness, integrity, self-cultivation, and patience. Calming and soothing. To read more about the color blue, click here.

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Made in Colorado, USA
lapis lazuli beads
style #A1005690
price: $62