I Am Grateful Writing Journal

The I am grateful Writing Journal is the perfect tool to begin the practice of gratitude. When we live fully in gratitude, good things flood into our lives. Use this personal writing journal to identify 10 things you are grateful for each day. When this becomes your focus, you will not believe the magic that happens.

This 8.5" by 11" journal is hand-made from the original Beckons tradeshow booth backdrop and has been hand-flocked with the words "I am grateful." The cover is made from heavy duty recycled plastic. The paper inside is unlined and super high quality. Each book comes with an elastic strap to hold your treasures secure or mark your page.

For help discovering the power of gratitude, grab a copy of Rhonda Byrne's The Magic. It is the latest self-help book I am working through and it is amazing. 

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Made in Colorado, USA
style #J007
price: $22