Creative Vision Writing Journal

The Creative Vision Writing Journal is the perfect gift or person journal for the creative spirit. We need a place we can jot down our ideas so that they are not lost. This makes a great scrapbook, too! As a designer, I go through magazines and rip out photos of great products, color combinations, fabrics, must-see boutiques through out the country, etc. and then glue them into a notebook. This unlined journal is the place to put these images so that you can go back to them for inspiration.

This 8.5" by 11" journal is hand-made from the original Beckons tradeshow booth backdrop and has been hand-flocked with the words "Creative Vision." The cover is made from heavy duty recycled plastic. The paper inside is unlined and super high quality. Each book comes with an elastic strap to hold your treasures secure or mark your page. Use this scrapbook to collect inpsirational images.

This is a perfect tool to help get the creative juices flowing. If you prefer unlined paper in your journaling buy this notebook and begin with this creative writing prompt:

"These things I love . . ." then, look through magazines or on the Internet to find images of things that visually amaze you. Rip them out or print them off and put them in your Creative Vision Notebook and begin your collection of things to inspire your creative vision.

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Made in Colorado, USA
style #J006
price: $22