Be The Light Writing Journal

The Be The Light Writing Journal is intended to be a constant reminder to the owner to allow your light to shine. I was in church long ago and the priest said, "If you cannot be good at anything else then be a light in the world." It made me cry because I did not think I was good at anything. I knew I could be a light. Let this journal inspire you to find happiness in all things and share that with others.

This 8.5" by 11" journal is hand-made from the original Beckons tradeshow booth backdrop and has been hand-flocked with the words "be the light." The cover is made from heavy duty recycled plastic. The paper inside is unlined and super high quality. Each book comes with an elastic strap to hold your treasures secure or mark your page.

To begin, use this writing prompt: "These are the ways I let my light shine . . . "

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Made in Colorado, USA
style #J009
price: $22