The Color Black

October 31, 2011 9:16 AM

The color of power, sophistication, and mystery

Technically, black is the absence of color. In our American culture, black plays a huge role in how things are presented and perceived. It is one of the most powerful colors. It is the color of authority, knowledge, and intelligence (think doctoral robes and black rimmed glasses.) Black has long been associated with death, grieving, fear, hidden forces, shadows, and the unknown. It is the color of night, deep water and the universal void.

Thanks to Coco Chanel, black is the most popular fashion color. Before Chanel, black was strictly worn as the color of mourning. Today it is the most common color in a typical woman's wardrobe. One of the best things about black is that it appears to make a person look thinner. While reveals, black conceals. “The little black dress” implies sophistication, self-confidence, formality, and the perfect item in one's wardrobe. Here's the lastest in Beckons dresses, the Grace V-neck Tunic Dress. Pair this with a cami and some leggings and head off to the yoga studio or some tights and fabulous boots and you are ready for a comfy, yet stylish night on the town.

When studying the psychology of color, the color black represents water, career, life path, and the journey; it is the color of mystery. It symbolizes money and income, emotional protection and power. This color encourages introspection and self-examination. It is about harmony, hearing, and listening. When people see things in “black and white” this speaks of opposites, polarities. Black encourages assertiveness, confidence, independence, and authority, which is why wearing a black suit is so helpful in getting ones point across.

Symbolically, nothing says “bad guy” quite like the color black. It is the color of choice for villains, vixens, and comic book characters. It can easily overwhelm or make a person appear “shady”. It is a very serious color that evokes strong emotion. With young people, black is the color of rebellion (black sheep of the family.)

Despite the negative imagery that black brings, it is a preferred color by designers because it contrasts nicely with most colors, strengthening the effect of the other colors.

How to use black to affect your life:

Wear all black when you want to be inconspicuous or mysterious.

Black is often worn as a protection against other people’s energy. If you are going to be in place where you anticipate others will adversely interact with your energy, it is wise to wear black and then, accessorize with a blue, pink or green to reflect back loving energy.

To avoid being a woman in a sea of little black dresses, add splashes of color to enliven and personalize your look. Black is the perfect background for fabulous accessories. Because of the contrast, black has the intensifying power to boost the effect of other colors worn with it.

In the Feng Shui tradition, black represents water and career and should be used in the north rooms of a home or office. It is the perfect color to contrast with all other colors and adds depth, strength and definition to any space. Black adds a grounding effect to any room, if used in the right proportion. Avoid using black in the south areas of your home, in children’s rooms, and on the ceiling.

Black gemstones add mystery and sophistication to an outfit. They symbolize self-control, resilience and create invisibility. These stones, including obsidian, hematite, black tourmaline, jet, onyx, black pearls, lava, and moonstone, protect against negative energy and help promote peacefulness.

When you wear black, you say to the world, “I am strong and confident.” “Notice me but do not intrude.”

Any color - so long as it's black. – Henry Ford

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