Change Your Life Through Color

Color is all around us. We wear color everyday. People respond to different colors in different ways, and these responses occur on a subconscious, emotional level. At BECKONS®, we believe the colors we wear, and surround ourselves with, can make a difference in how we feel and how people feel about us.

Beckons yoga clothing color wheel

Our goal is to empower people with the knowledge of how to use color to affect change in their lives. We have created a color chart that presents the most common effects each color has according to our western culture. We have pulled information from Feng Shui, Chakra and Cultural sources to create our chart. Certainly, your intention to affect change may be the primary reason it occurs. Your simple belief that if you wear turquoise, in one of its many forms, you will think more clearly and have greater patience may indeed be what brings those qualities to you. If color, then, is just a tool to identify our intention, we have succeeded.

A person does not have to wear one color from head to toe to make color helpful. You only need to make a conscious decision about wearing something of color to enhance your day. A carefully chosen pair of red coral earrings or shoes, worn with a black suit, may be all you need to bring that extra sense of self-confidence and courage it takes to have a successful day. Please keep this BECKONS® color chart on hand to use in choosing the color you wear when you need a little extra help in your life. If you believe it helps, it will help.

The BECKONS® color chart was developed from a compilation of data from feng shui, chakra, and cultural use of color sources. We pulled out the most frequently found meanings and paired them with our own color experience, taking into account our western culture. This is the opinion of BECKONS® and is not a result of formal experimentation.

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About Becky Prater

Becky Prater has been creating clothing since she was 8. She creates yoga clothing and lifestyle clothing for women and men using organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics. Beckons Yoga Clothing is made in the USA, in fact, right in Denver, Colorado. Becky also teaches the business of fashion at The Art Institute of Colorado.

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