The Color White: the uplifting color of faith and truth

The Color White Beckons Yoga Clothing meaning of whiteMy precious yoga teacher, Isha Eve Emley, walked through the Yoga Journal Conference in her all-white flowing outfit, turning heads; people assuming that she must be someone of importance to wear such a bold statement of color. Indeed, she had taken a vow to only wear white during that time in her life. She wore it symbolically every day – a very powerful and respectful practice.

While most people will never take up such a practice, people can use it in their lives to represent goodness, virginity, simplicity, heavenliness, purity, cleanliness, poise, and trustworthiness. They can enhance their physical strength, understanding, radiance and courage with the color white.

Technically, white is the union of all the colors in the color spectrum. White signifies life, stability, gentle power, conservatism, and magnetism. The psychology of the color white suggests faith, truth, and peace. It’s closely associated with winter and clean, freshly fallen snow. Along with black, it is the greatest neutral and can enhance any color that is worn or placed with it.

White is the color of the crown chakra, as is violet. It represents enlightenment, higher consciousness, faith, spirituality, wisdom, clarity, and the inner child. It brings to mind the wisdom of our elders, likely based on the association with white hair. The good guy is most often represented as white. White light is used to describe God energy within us. It represents heaven, ultimate wisdom, and completion.

In the feng shui tradition, white is the color of innocence and new possibilities. It represents metal and is most effective in the west and northwest of a home or office. White is helpful in bringing good energy to the bagua areas of love & marriage (far right, especially mixed with red), creativity & children (right center), and helpful people & travel (near right) areas of our home. Additionally, white is the most versatile color and can brighten the energy of any challenging space. White brings with it a sense of expansion, essential when dealing with small spaces.

Physiologically, white is mind expanding, we get the sense of having a clean canvas. It is the color of sterility; hence doctors’ lab coats and surgical environments are bright white.

Conversely, white is also described as cold, bland, and sterile. Rooms painted completely white can seem spacious, but empty and unfriendly. Visualizing the defeated team riding up with its white flag flying, white represents surrender and defeat.

How to use white to affect your life:

I am a big fan of wearing some white on a first date. Unless you intend to merely shack up with someone, it is helpful to present yourself as wholesome and honest from the beginning. Save the “I am in love” red for subsequent dates.

When deciding what to wear to an interview, white should be used as an accent color, as the background for a colorful scarf or jacket. One would not want to wear all white unless . . . I cannot think of a time when this would serve a person well. If you are going to be working as a chef or in a clean room, you may want to have white as your predominant color, but white as an all over color should be saved for a wedding, garden party or first communion.

If you are setting out to start over in your life, you may want to surround yourself with white, thus creating a canvas on which to paint your future life. This will give you a sense of new beginnings, clear the clutter, and encourage fresh thought and mental clarity.

White gemstones are associated with sleep and psychic energy; known to enhance mental clarity and open the mind. They are often used to bring good fortune and protection. White gemstones include the diamond, opal, crystal quartz, moonstones, and white topaz.

When you wear white you say to the world, “I am one with God.” “I am consciously living my life’s purpose.”

As a white candle in a holy place, so is the beauty of an aged face. – Joseph Campbell

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