What to Wear for Yoga: Picking the Perfect Pant

Beckons Yoga Clothing Picking the Perfect Yoga PantsToday we are talking about picking the perfect yoga pant. This is the fourth blog in a series of what to wear for yoga. For the previous three blogs in the series click here: intro, fabric, tops.

People often hesitate taking that first yoga class because they do not know what to wear. Most importantly, yoga clothing must provide full freedom of motion and make you feel good about yourself while you are doing yoga. Here are some key things to consider when picking the perfect yoga pant. Continue reading

Creating An Intention Tree

Beckons Yoga Clothing Intention Tree BlogHere is what you will need:

* A tree jewelry stand. I got mine from Urban Outfitters

* Sculpey Clay, which you can find at any hobby or art store, or by clicking here

* Simple wire to create the hangers

* Letter stamps and permanent ink from a craft or stamp supply store

* Oven for baking the clay Continue reading

I am Worthy of Love

Beckons Yoga Clothing heart shoe stringsSay out loud, “I am worthy of love.” Was that uncomfortable for you? Do you feel it is true? Does it feel forced? Did your internal tape recording kick in saying, “If I was thinner, smarter, wealthier, better looking, I would be worthy.” Whether you ARE worthy or not doesn’t matter. What matters is .  .  . that you BELIEVE you are worthy.

I just listened to a TED talk by Brene Brown called The Power of Vulnerability. You can watch this inspirational video here:


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What to Wear for Yoga: The Perfect Yoga Top

What to Wear for Yoga TopsWelcome back to our series about what to wear for yoga. We hope to assist you in choosing the proper clothing for your yoga practice so that you can feel confident in the studio and stop making excuses for not going.

Yoga is meant to bring balance and peace to your life, to invigorate and strengthen your body. Your clothing should allow you to move freely, breathe deeply, and focus fully on the direction of the teacher and the movement of your body. If you are constantly adjusting your clothes or worrying about how you look, you are not wearing the proper yoga wear. Today we are talking about choosing the perfect yoga top.
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What to Wear for Yoga: Choosing the Right Fabric for Yoga

Beckons Yoga Clothing choosing the right fabric for your yoga clothingTraditionally, yoga clothing is made from knit fabric using cotton, bamboo, nylon or polyester, along with lycra (spandex) for stretch and shape retention. There is no right or wrong fabric as long as it enables maximum movement and is comfortable. Fabric is mostly a personal preference.

Natural Fibers: Many people choose organic cotton, bamboo or other natural fibers because the fabric is more comfortable due to its breath-ability and hypoallergenic nature. Natural fiber garments tend to transition out of the yoga studio better than made-made fibers. With the increase in chemical sensitivity, some people feel uncomfortable in, or are allergic to, man-made synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester.

Man-Made Fibers: If you sweat significantly during yoga and are concerned about sweat spots, you may want to choose nylon or polyester with moisture management. The moisture management enables the sweat to be wicked off the skin and escape to the outer surface of the garment for fast evaporation. Continue reading

Comfort & Joy Cashmere Sweater Scarves DIY or BUY

Beckons Yoga Clothing Cashmere Scarves group photoAre you tired of giving run of the mill gifts?

Do the holidays stress you out because you are trying to get the perfect gift for everyone on your list?

A short time ago, I stepped away from the madness of standard gift giving. I made a commitment to give only consumable gifts and then, chose to do my best to make them. At present, my cousin (front row on the left) and I (one in sunglasses with crazy hair, blowing in the wind) create our Christmas gifts together. We assemble gift bags of our favorite things for our favorite people; but personalized just enough to make it extra special. This year the bags will include:

Homemade tomato soup which we canned when tomatoes were in season
Blackberry jam that we harvested from our backyard bramble
Spiced and roasted almonds
English toffee and buttery caramels from Grandma Leila’s famous recipe

and our best gift yet: a one-of-a-kind recycled Comfort & Joy cashmere scarf.

The crazy photo above was taken last weekend at our family’s craft retreat in Wyoming. This year, Cousin Kris and I set out to make cashmere scarves for everyone. We raided all the Goodwills and ARCs in Denver for cashmere sweaters, cut out all the 10″ stripes we could and created piles of colors. We let everyone choose 12 stripes (with design assistance) and then, sewed them together. All the women above are pictured wearing the scarf they designed and we made. It was the funnest Christmas gift creation we have ever done. Below is a photo of the stripes in piles ready to be put together.
beckons yoga clothing cashmere scarf components made-to-orderDIY or click here to BUY 

Want to make your own? Here’s how:

What you need:

6-8 cashmere sweaters
rotary cutter, ruler and cutting pad (from a hobby or sewing store)
or sharp scissors and 10″ wide cardboard rectangular patterns (templates) of various lengths
sewing machine


1. Go to the local Goodwill or ARC and buy bright cashmere sweaters in the colors you want for your scarf(s). I recommend 7-8 different colors per scarf though you will want 12-14 stripes of color in each scarf (there should be some repetition). If there are holes in the cashmere, just cut around them. Usually, the store will give you a good discount if you find holes in the sweaters, so it is not a bad thing.

2. Wash the sweaters in warm water and dry them in the dryer. You DO want them to shrink (or felt) a bit. This makes them super soft and cozy and removes stains and dirt. NOTE: cashmere does not shrink as much as wool.

3. First, cut off the ribbing at the bottom so that the sweater lays flat.

beckons yoga clothing cashmere sweater blown apart4. Then, cut 10″ wide stripes out of the body of the sweater as long as you like or can get. As you can see from the above photo, I am cutting two stripes at a time 5″ long toward the bottom and two more 7″ stripes above that. You can open up the sleeves and usually get at least one 10″ wide stripe out of each sleeve. You will want to cut stripes wherever you can find a 10″ wide piece of cashmere to cut, hopefully without holes. You want the length of the stripes to vary so that you have variety in the scarf. There are quite a bit of scraps with this project, which you can use for future projects or to patch holes you did not see until the scarf was done.

5. Arrange the stripes in the order you want them to appear in the scarf and pin the stripes together, making sure that the right sides of the cashmere are pinned together.

6. Using a regular straight stitch on your sewing machine, stitch the pieces together, making sure to backstitch for 1″ on each end because you will have to trim off some of the edge. Because the stripes are all different colors, we picked one thread color to use throughout the entire scarf. The contrasting thread is fun.

7. Once all the pieces are stitched together, lay the scarf out and find your narrowest piece. Trim the edges of the other strips to match the narrowest piece. We have had to cut off up to 1″ before, so do not worry.

Because cashmere does not typically unravel, you do not have to finish the edges and your scarf is complete.

Care instructions: Hand wash in cool/cold water with gentle soap, lay flat to dry.
Beckons Yoga Clothing DIY Cashmere Scarf


If this sounds like too much work, we can make it for you. Click the above “CLICK HERE TO BUY” button and we will make your one-of-a-kind Comfort & Joy cashmere scarf. In the “comments” section of the check out page, give us three to five colors you would like to see in the scarf and perhaps colors to avoid, and we will make one up in plenty of time for Christmas. We are low on greens and will do our best to follow your color choice. These scarves are supremely soft and beautiful, versatile and warm. Price: $63.00

Ana Bogusky Wearing Beckons Grace Hemp Sweater on Her Blog

Ana-Bogusky-beckons-yoga-clothing-hemp-sweater-one“I wear my sweater a bunch. It’s so cute and warm and it fits right in my tote bag so I end up taking it everywhere!” —Ana Bogusky

Thanks for including us on your blog, Ana! Here is the link to the post.
Ana-Bogusky-beckons-yoga-clothing-hemp-sweater-twoAna Bogusky, a Boulder, CO blogger, uses her blog to celebrate folks like Beckons who make things here in the US. She shared these adorable photos of her wearing the Beckons Grace Hemp Sweater on her site http://mrsamericanmade.tumblr.com

We truly appreciate your spreading the word about American made products.

What Do I Wear For Yoga?

Beckons Yoga Clothing What to Wear for Yoga blogHas “add yoga to my workout” been on your to-do list for a while?

Your excuse: “I don’t know what to wear.”

I want to make sure this is not your excuse. I am here to help. If you know someone in this situation please forward this blog.

This is the first blog in a series about what to wear for yoga. You will get one every other week. In this series, we will talk about basic requirements for yoga clothing, what fabric to look for in yoga clothing, choosing your yoga top, picking the perfect yoga bottoms, accessorizing your outfit and different clothing considerations for the different types of yoga. We hope this information provides you with some comfort in knowing you can step into a yoga class and learn without concern.

The point of yoga is to encourage calmness, control and flexibility. So, naturally, choosing your yoga outfit should be stress free. Following some basic clothing guidelines will allow you to focus on your breath, movement and postures, not your clothing.

Beckons-yoga-clothing-meditation-hoodie-jacketMain Requirements for Yoga Clothing

Ÿ1. Maximum comfort. Enables complete freedom of movement; must be stretchy, preferably a knit fabric with lycra.

2. Not too loose, so:

—Teachers can see your knee alignment and make adjustments.
—Your clothing stays in place when you are in an inverted position.
—You privates zones are not revealed, out of respect for fellow students.

3. Wear layers. It is important to begin with a warm, comfortable layer on top to help raise your body temperature to loosen muscles at the beginning of the class. This layer can be removed throughout the class as your body warms up. During Savasana (motionless relaxation at the end class), this layer will help prevent chills while you cool down.

4. Yoga is practiced barefoot. Socks are not recommended because you need your feet to grip (Gripping socks made just for yoga are available.)

Two Additional Tips About Yoga Clothing

1. Don’t fret about whether or not you are fashionable. Yoga is supposed to be about personal relaxation and introspection. Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself.
2. Always try out some practice moves before you leave home. That way, you’ll know for sure you can move freely in class.

We hope this helps you feel more comfortable and confident in the yoga studio. Watch for the next part in the series: Choosing The Right Fabric.

Curious Shoes for Unique People by Fluevog


First pair of Fluevogs for inspiration Beckons Yoga ClothingIn the early 90′s I was driving along a Los Angeles area road, heading out to the beach. I happened upon what I believe was the John Fluevog Shoe outlet. I bought my first two pairs of Fluevogs that day—neither one fit me. Above is a photo of the size 5 shoe (I am a happy 8.5). I just wanted them to sit on my shelf because to me they were ART. I have since purchased many pairs of the unique and amazing shoes.

Fluevog Shoes bought by Becky Prater of Beckons Yoga ClothingJohn Fluevog just opened a store in Denver Colorado. Mr. Fluevog himself, along with his beautiful wife, came to the grand opening. He signed these great blue suede shoes I bought. I have to give a shout out to my Cousin, Kris Deforest, and Aunts, Terrye Wiggins and Beth Kozlowski who gave me a birthday gift certificate to help purchase these great shoes. Check out Fluevog’s amazing shoes.

Adi Carter and Luz Raquel Doing Acro Yoga in Beckons

Adi Carter and Raquel doing acro yogo in Beckons Yoga ClothingOutstanding work, ladies! Adi Carter and Raquel of the Yoga Slackers visited Beckons headquarters, grabbed some yoga clothing and did a mini photoshoot for us doing acro yoga over the pond. Adi is wearing our newest piece—the Open Cardigan Cashmere Sweater in cherry. Looks comfortable and versatile. Both yogis have on the Love Lace-up Halter and Love Lace-up Capris. Thanks for being a part of Beckons!

Adi Carter and Luz Raquel Doing Acro Yoga in Beckons Yoga Clothing